Tuesday, 27 August 2013


You should know by now that here at Talk Casuals we are very much all for supporting your local talent. Whether that be local events, local brands or local artists, we like to help support any way we can, so let me introduce to you, The Thirst

The Thirst are a 4-piece band based in Brixton, London. They've toured all over the world with their unique ‘electric groove’ sound, supporting the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols & The Libertines and sharing stages with Kano & Wiley.

I met The Thirst's rhythm guitarist Mark at the Fresh Laces X Harvey Nichols event back in July, and I got back in touch with him after giving the band a listen. I'm really into their music, they have such a feel good vibe, it was kind of infectious! So, naturally, I had to have them on the blog to spread the word!

Here's their new viral video for "Dancing Shoes" with home-made footage from their Ibiza tour...

Click 'Read more' for our interview with the boys and to find out about that time they got arrested at gunpoint after a show....

Friday, 23 August 2013


Street Weird are pushing us to reclaim the culture! The street culture that we've helped build. With their shirts featuring slogans and fonts that you may recognise... you better recognise that is is well and truly something different. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Right off the back of the Crepe City event last weekend, Fresh Laces announce their latest collab! 

This weekend pass through their 2 day Trainer Pop Up and expect to see heat as usual!

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August,
BOX PARK Shoreditch
2-4 Bethnal Green Road,
E1 6GY

Do not miss this! Follow @FreshLaces_ on Twitter and @Fresh_Laces on Instagram for all their updates and make sure you check out their latest competition!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


SY Illustrations have been featured on Talk Casuals before for their minimalistic and clean sneaker illustrations. We have teamed up with SY for a one off collaboration just for you!

For your chance to win 1 of only 2 prints of this Multi Speckle Huarache with  SY Illustrations and Talk Casuals, all you need to do is:

1 - Follow @sy_illustrations and @shangry on Instagram, 
2- Like the Talk Casuals Facebook Page
3- Like and Repost this picture on Instagram with "#SYXTC #TalkCasuals" 

Good luck! 

A winner will be picked on 31/08/13, competition ends at 12pm that day!

Monday, 19 August 2013


Saturday saw the return of the biggest sneaker event London has hosted. Brick Lane was swamped with people heading to the event and expectations were high! With previous Crepe City events famous for the long queues due to high demand, the Crepe City team came back for CC8 with a much bigger venue at Truman Brewery. But it called for an early start regardless...

Friday, 16 August 2013


This is tomorrow! Make sure you pass through!


For those of you who don't know, Leng Clothing is another brand featured in our Talk Brands collective. Famous for their crazy tie dye garms, their most recent collection is one you'll want to invest in!

With their tie dye hoodies being sold out for a while now, its a massive relief to know that they're back and as lary as ever!  With the weather here in the UK being unpredictable as always , its good to make sure you've got yourself a decent hoody to hand!

What better way to brighten up these murky days at the moment, than with a sick little tie dye combo! Click Read More to check out the tie dye collection.


If you followed our Talk Brands collective, The Colour Collective will be a name you'll recognise! If it's not, make sure you check out our interview with Levi to find out what they're all about!

I'm a big fan of The Colour Collective's boisterous colours and quality prints! And this is a sweet deal that's not to be missed! If you're an "all-over print" fiend like myself, this package is an absolute no brainer!

Head over to their website now and pre-order your Wood Cutter 5 Panel pack!  When you do, you'll receive a matching Wood Cutter Bandana which features that same exclusive all-over print!

But if that STILL isn't enough for you, you'll receive your own discount code for your next order, as well as the usual stickers and sweets hook ups!

Pre Order your package for only £28 from their website now! Pre Orders will be shipped around August 30th.

Don't miss out! Make sure you grab this deal while it's available!!

Thursday, 15 August 2013


We love a good trainer related illustration over here at Talk Casuals, so when I saw these by SY Illustrations I was won over instantly!

If you haven't already, make sure you check out the Bigcartel and pick something up! I'll be grabbing this print to put up in my room back at Uni! Real clean and tidy illustrations - I'm a fan! Follow @sy_illustrations on Instagram for updates!

Saturday, 10 August 2013


It's the last week, and we've had such a good run! No doubt we're ending the Talk Brands collective on a high, and I am so proud of what the UK has to offer in regards to home grown brands. I'm definitely all about supporting your locals! But this isn't reeeally the end for this collective, but you'll have to wait a bit longer to find out about that...

On that note, I'd like to introduce Suzan Selcuk, 24, of Educate & Elevate based in Manchester. Educate & Elevate are a brand I have been following for a while and I love their  vibrant 90's vibe, so I'm not going to waste anymore time, here goes...

Where did Educate & Elevate all begin and what made you want to run your own brand?
E&E began when me & my boyfriend decided we wanted to launch our own line selling 90's vintage and streetwear. I'd studied fashion design & styling at uni, and after graduating and whilst looking for jobs I couldn't think of one brand that was really "me" so we put all our influences together, from TLC (I'm a TLC fanatic) to Kid & Play, The New Jack Swing era, and the biggest inspiration,  our favourite movie, Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing". This movie had inspired us so much in life and was really the driving force behind the ethos of the brand, we wanted to bring it's positive message to fashion. Even before we had the brand name, we knew what we wanted for our logo, using the idea of Radio Raheem's Love Hate rings in the movie! As my background is fashion & my boyfriend's is business, we were then on the lookout for a designer to help with the website and logo design. We were introduced to our designer through a family friend and loved the way she brought ideas to life. The rest is history!

How would you describe Educate & Elevate?
A streetwear label with a positive message. Our ethos:


Which basically means, the more you educate yourself about the world and your surroundings, the higher chance you have of moving up in the world and being sucessful. Not just successful in terms of money,but being the best version of YOU you can possible be.

& let’s be honest, lot’s of people these days DON’T know much about the world we live in. Most don’t even know much about what’s goin on out of their own town, let alone half way across the world! We’re not just preaching about world issues and politics, (though it’s cool if you care about that!) We’re talking CULTURE. Learning about other cultures & embracing our differences will influence and inspire you. You can’t educate the majority with the mind of the minority!!! We’re a street wear brand with a difference, a positive message, and we believe that we can educate & elevate through fashion.


Noun: The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

CULTURE can educate & elevate all of us in some way or another. It brings people together, it breaks boundaries, it makes life more interesting.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?
My favourite is also our best seller, the flygirl tee. The idea behind this tee came from when I was watching 90's TV show In Living Color on Youtube for styling inspiration. In the show there are a group of girls who were the in house dance troupe, aka the flygirls! 

If you could sum up your brand in  words, what would they be?
Fresh, fun, colourful!

What for you has been the highlight of running Educate & Elevate to date?
When T-Boz (from TLC) tweeted that she liked our lookbook!

What do you do outside Educate & Elevate?
My 9-5 is as brand manager for a brand called La Moda (very different from E&E!) I also do freelance styling / creative direction.

What is your favourite clothing brand, other than your own?
I don't really spend much money on clothes because I love vintage & charity shops but one brand I'm happy to splurge on is Lazy Oaf!

 Favourite brand of footwear?

Who would you most like to do a collaboration with and why?
My dream collab would be Spike Lee or Vashtie, both idols of mine!

What can we expect to see from Educate & Elevate in the future?
We're hoping to expand our product line in a big way in the next 6 months. 

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about running your own brand?
The best thing is having complete control over the image of the brand and seeing people wear your ideas!

What advice would you give to someone who may want to start their own brand?
The biggest piece of advice I have is not to under estimate the time and effort you have to put in, it involves a LOT of late nights and no social life! You really have to make it your life, not your hobby if you want to make it work. I live & breathe EE, it's my baby!

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you to every single person who has supported us from day one!

Make sure you head over to the EducateElevate website and pick up something! I reckon I'm gonna be getting the Basketball Jersey at some point, it's rad! Again, if you haven't already head over and like E&E's Facebook page as well as ours when you get the chance! 

Thank you so much Suzan and everyone else who has been a part of this Talk Brands collective. I wish every success to all our UK brands and I hope that this has been somewhat beneficial for any budding designers out there! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more collectives in the future, and if you're a brand owner or in fact anyone with a brand idea, and you want to be involved please don't hesitate to contact me. If you need a platform to get your brand out there, this is it.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


If you've been on the world wide web recently, there is no doubt you'll have seen some of Jack Stockers (@FRESHLYSTOCKED) illustrations. If it's not a name you recognise, you should do. His angular takes on some of our favourite sneaker silhouettes strip down the shoe to its bare minimal features, but it doesn't take long to put a name to the shoe. 

It's so nice to be able to watch as Jack's illustrations and his work has progressed and evolved throughout the time I have been following him on Instagram. Seeing how it has developed starting from college work, to now be holding a full exhibition at Exposure Gallery in London.

I wanted to catch up with Jack just before the start of his exhibition, check out our mini interview...

For people who don't know, give us a little background about you. 
I have just finished a 2 year course studying graphic design, photography and textiles at Worthing 6th form college, not too far along from Brighton. I am now going to study the art and design foundation course at Brighton and give city college for one year. After this I will look in to unis to further my knowledge and skills in the design area. I have a strong interest in trainers and fashion and hope to have a career along the lines of fashion/footwear/graphic design.

When and why did you start creating your own illustrations?
Probably half way through the first year of college at Worthing after all of the artist research you have to do for the first few months. I started my own illustrations because the sooner you start, the sooner you're gonna improve and get out there.

You have a very recognisable style, it's clean and minimal which lives up to its title. The angular shapes and block colours go on to prove that less is always more. Why did you choose this technique to create your illustrations and is there anyone who has inspired you to take this approach?
I've found over the recent years of studying design subjects that a strong part of the course work is how you research other artists. You don't just get marked on researching all the same type of artists but you have to show that you are open to looking at different style that may not always interest you. That's how my designs came about. Obviously you can't say it's easy to research and look into artists that you have no interest in at all but I started to look in to it as how can I possibly use their style with in what I'm interested in. And that artist was Paul Huxley. After visiting an exhibition of his the style that continued through his work was the use of basic shapes, which I then played around with my interests and it worked.

Sneakers are clearly the dominant theme in your work. But why trainers?
They're just what have really interested me over the past 4/5 years and you could say that my interest in trainers is almost a hobby. Also people are always illustrating them in similar ways which is usually just like a 'cartoon' version of the trainer. I appreciate that fully but I just wanted to create trainers in a different way where you don't just see it as what it is but you see it as a set up of different shapes. 

Nike have been a clear favourite when it comes to your illustrations, but we have recently seen you explore other silhouettes and brands. How do you pick which trainers to create an illustration from and what is your favourite brand of footwear?
There's not much to it than me just picking the trainers that I like. I don't  necessarily own all of the trainers I illustrate, I would like to but maybe one day I will. For my illustrations it's normally the colour way that helps me pick once I have chosen the model as the colour way is what helps people recognise what shoe I have illustrated. My favourite brand is probably Nike, not to say I don't like others but I am most in to nike.

Which, to date, is your favourite illustration you've done?
Probably the Air Max 90 Infrared. That infrared colour is amazing.

How are you feeling on the run up to your exhibition?
A little bit nervous but I don't really know why. I just hope that when/if everyone sees the framed prints in person they enjoy them.

What can we expect to see from you and your work in the future?
More trainers, different brands, different models, probably work on more stuff other than trainers and as I go on to study at Brighton hopefully I will keep improving my work. 

With Jack only giving us sneak peaks of what the exhibition will bring, you'll need to get yourself down there to experience it for yourself!  We're definitely going to be passing through so go and show your support!

9th August - 1st September

Exposure Gallery 
22-23 Little Portland Street
(a couple of streets behind Nike Town)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013



If you made it down to the second Sneaks & Peaks event on Sunday, you'll have seen myself and Jen Spence of Young Reckless Hearts selling her brand new drop of tee's!

These are now available to buy online at Young Reckless Hearts in either black or white and at £25, there is no reason for you not to pick one up. Featuring that 'good enough to eat' signature colour palette and design, inspired by 1970s skate, girl power, bold fonts and powder puff colours, they're too cute to pass up! This run is limited to 50 so grab one whilst stocks last!

Make sure to keep up to date with the brand via their Facebook Page and on Instagram/Twitter @yngrecklesshrts

Saturday, 3 August 2013


We're nearing the end of our collective, but this week's a big one. If you have only just tuned in, you have a lot of catching up to do! The Talk Brands collective aims to help promote and appreciate some of the home grown brands we have here in the UK, as well as giving some advice to any budding brand owners out there. This week we're getting to know Levi, 23, of The Colour Collective, based in Telford, Shropshire. I'm a big fan of this brand, and I have my eye on a few pieces I'll be looking to pick up soon! Here goes...

Where did The Colour Collective all begin and what made you want to run your own brand?
The Colour Collective was born from a trademark clash with our original name - Monroe Apparel, turns out the company grew to a point that The Estate Of Marilyn Monroe became uncomfortable and decided to appose us and our trademark, we took this as a blessing as everything we were creating at that present time was breathing new air into the Monroe brand and pretty much reinventing itself, a new name was next on the list of things to do so we didn't see it as a problem as such!

The Roots of The Colour Collective being Monroe Store was created back in 2009 as an idea to get my art out and seen by the public and what better way than to have it printed on clothes, through this i learnt a whole bunch about the production, materials and techniques used through out fashion which brought me to be more interested in that whole side of things, the whole buzz of having someone wear and appreciate something that 100% came from my brain is what fuelled me to run the brand to this day!

How would you describe The Colour Collective?
Clothing for the colourful the illustrated and the real minds , a product for those that don't buy into something just because it's fed to them , those that can appreciate a product and the thought thats gone into it along with the culture that surrounds it themselves , there is nothing worse than a hollow concept, for example bad sublimation prints with those white marks to me thats just an excuse for a quick buck!
I myself already know what The Colour Collective will become but through a consumers eyes i would say it's something that's very slowly but steadily taking a great shape.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?
For me the Noodle Bar Vest!

If you could sum up your brand in 3 words, what would they be?

What for you has been the highlight of running The Colour Collective to date?
Personally for me shooting our lookbook out in Florida was amazing...
The support we have had has been amazing and all the great feedback from all the real heads has been great and all those who appreciate great things i love you

What do you do outside The Colour Collective?
In my spare time my hobbies consist of playing tekken tag 2, photography, art, and producing music... https://soundcloud.com/v-e-g-a-2 shameless plug ;)

What is your favourite clothing brand, other than your own?
lazy oaf most definitely they hold it down for the UK

Favourite brand of footwear?
I've never had a favourite brand for footwear but most of my trainers are Nike or Vans

Who would you most like to do a collaboration with and why?
Thats tough... between Parra , Lazy Oaf & Nike... 
would have to be Lazy Oaf that would be too nice!
i think our styles would sit nicely together and i'm all about the illustration!
solely because they are UK too and a big personal influence to myself

What can we expect to see from The Colour Collective in the future?
in my head i'd love to bridge the gap between high fashion and illustrated brands, its a hard achieved goal judging by what we are amongst now, with this id love to produce button up shirts, shorts, sun dresses and a whole bunch more but with my spin on it, i won't say too much more i'll leave that for when it happens!

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about running your own brand?
No better feeling than seeing somewhere wearing/feeling good in your gear its almost like you drew a piece on them right there and then, thats what i love about it, kinda like the same feeling a graff artist has when he rolls past something he threw up last night for the first time.

What advice would you give to someone who may want to start their own brand?
Don't do it if your hearts not in it

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you Talk Casuals it has been a pleasure lets do it again some time!

Make sure you pick something up from The Colour Collective before I do and it's all gone! Follow them on Instagram for regular updates @thecolourcollective and on Instagram and if you haven't already, head over and like their Facebook PageMake sure you like our Talk Casuals facebook page while you're there! And don't forget to have a listen to some of Levi's music too!