Saturday, 28 September 2013


so, i spent some time working at nike last year as a mens running specialist, where i got the chance to get clued up with nike + technology and their footwear. running and going to the gym seems bigger than ever at the moment, myself i love the gym! nothing makes me feel better than a good workout and if you're going to get involved in getting yourself up and fit you need the right shoes for the job!

i would fully recommend any serious runners out there to go and get their gait tested. this is a test that involves you running on a treadmill for a few seconds while a camera captures the movements in your ankle and foot when you land. by slowing these images you can then advise the best shoe for the amount of support you need! however if you're not going to be the next mo farah a neutral or cushioned shoe will not do you any harm at all!

below i've put together my top picks of trainers for training, each fall into one of 3 categories;
  1. neutral - for people who don't over pronate or under pronate in any greater form. has good cushioning and stability - a good all rounder!
  2. cushioned - better for people whose ankle tends to come inwards on impact to the ground - cushioning for your heel, with support for your arch! (these are what i go for when training)
  3. stability - usually for heavier people who are flat footed, this shoe has super strength on the arch to stop your foot landing flat
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


If you don't know this name by now, you should. Kitty is a good friend of mine and has done a Blog Takeover for me here at Talk Casuals before. 

As I'm always saying, supporting our locals is something we pride ourselves on here at Talk Casuals, and everyone wants to see their friends succeed too.

Kitty is the most hardworking and humble person I have ever come across. She's constantly blogging for and managing myself and the rest of the team over at The Unisex Mode, being the Concession Manager for Jennifer Hope Clothing in Topshop's flagship Oxford Circus store, a rapper song-writer and a 24/7 babe. 

Kitty is going to be releasing a new single and a music video very soon! I know more than most how excited she is to share it with you, but she is making the video all off her own back and so she needs your support! 

Head over to, pick up a tee and be a part of the making of a killer video!

Friday, 20 September 2013


If you're anywhere near Albert Road, Southsea this weekend don't miss out on this! 

Make sure you pass through Bored of Southsea at 2c Albert Road. There are some seerrriouss discounts being promised. Up to 70% off on brands like Carhartt, Stussy, Norse Projects, Edwin and loads more!

The sale starts tomorrow at 11am - 6pm and then again Sunday from 11am - 4pm, so withdraw your student loans and get yourself down!


So, I want you lot to get involved, what in your opinion is the best gym shoe and why?

I think Roshe Runs are pretty much up there, but so far on Instagram we've had Free Run 2's and Lunarglides being recommended too! Comment on here or post on our Facebook page. Let me know what you think! 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

SNEAKS & PEAKS #3 - 27/12/13

It's so good to see so many announcements for the upcoming Sneaker & Apparel events happening in the next few months.

I am really excited for Sneaks & Peaks #3, the last one was a lot of fun! Birmingham based sneaker and apparel event brings you all the rarest and most sought after kicks and apparel from sellers all over the country!

Happening just after Christmas there are no excuses not to be there! Perfect timing to invest some of that Christmas money and get yourself some decent goodies to see in the New Year.

Make sure you like their Facebook Page for all the updates and keep an eye out for all the info on venue and sellers right here! As soon as we know, you will too. Give us a like on Facebook too for all the details on our upcoming competition!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

6 ACRE II - 02/11/13

November will see the second instalment of the newest Sneaker Lifestyle event hosted in the North. With every success from the first event back in July, expectations are high for the next one!

This is gonna be a great event hitting Manchester in November, so make sure you don't miss it! Hold tight for all the info on the venue and sellers!

Click Read More to find out how you can win yourself 4 VIP tickets to the event with 6 Acre!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


So, I am back to University for my final year and what better way to kick it off than with a mooch around the Outlet park. Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth Harbour is about a 10 minute walk from my house, which is disastrous when I'm trying really hard to be sensible with my money. 

Especially when the last time I went in I found these Air Maxim 1 "Air Attack" Pack....

I had a look in the Nike Factory store and in Vans to see if any of the goodies that had been delivered whilst I was away were still on the shelves. I photoed a few finds today and decided to show you what decent footwear you could get yourself for £50 and under. Check it out...

Saturday, 7 September 2013


When I started the Talk Brands collective, I honestly wasn't sure where it was going to go nor how much interest it would attract. 

I feel it's done what it was intended to do, which was to help promote and appreciate all our home grown, established or unestablished, brands in the UK. Whether they have been around for a while or only just starting out, I wanted to provide some sort of platform to help brands get the exposure they deserve. 

I've had some great and positive feedback after the initial 10 week collective, so I have decided to continue the Talk Brands posts on a monthly basis. This way, young and evolving brands can get in touch whenever the time is right for them, and get their brands out there. It also means there is a lot more advice to come for those of you still unsure on whether or not to make the jump.

On that note, I'd like to introduce Freddie Jackson-Gali, 23, of Oh Boy Attire based in North Cornwall..